Los Tatuajes Arabes y Hebraicos


El video es de baja calidad pero el tattoo no esta nada mal¡¡¡¡¡

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Assistance in Havana, Havana-guide introduces several opportunities for a greater benefit of your stay in Havana.



Havana-Guide shows Havana as the most unforgettable experience, the old city is one big open-air museum, American old timers drive by under the brilliant sun, you can listen to the salsa music while savouring Havana Club rum, enjoy a Cohiba cigar and watch the elegant Cuban women parading with swinging hips… At every corner in Havana magic is in the air !

Havana Tour With a Private Guide

You can buy a Havana tour package at the reception desk of the major hotels and make a tour with a big group of 25-30 tourists, these tours are not bad for a first impression.

But is this the real Havana?

The alternative is a city tour with a private guide, who can answer your questions, go to the places you want to see, you can make the trip on your own pace.

Private Salsa Teacher

What’s more fun than some salsa lessons in the heart of the

“Salsa Country”. As an absolute beginner or a seasoned salsa dancer you can practice and improve your salsa skills with a professional salsa teacher.

Private Spanish Language Teacher

Want to learn and practice your Spanish during a few weeks? Our improve your knowledge, learn the typical Cuban Spanish expressions and the many Cuban slang words.

Diving Instructor

The instructor will teach you the pleasures of diving in Cuba and can deliver a certificate of the different levels.

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