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Have you ever wanted to increase your gas mileage, horsepower and overall performance of your pickup truck? Do you know why you have such poor performance now? First of all is that factory exhausts stock downpipes extremely restrict exhaust flow due to the small diameter of pipe used.

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The abundance of sharp bends leading from the turbo to the rear end of the truck create back pressure throughout the exhaust system, suffocating your engine and robbing your truck of horsepower and gas mileage. Adding a high performance exhaust increases ease of flow, opening up several additional cubic inches of breathing room to support the high volume of airflow diesel engines need for optimum performance. Translating into more horsepower and better gas mileage.

What are performance chips? Performance chips are the quickest and easiest way to increase power and mileage. Does your vehicle constantly down shift to maintain speed up those steep grades while towing? That constant shifting takes a toll on your transmission and will end up costing you thousands in the future. Manufactures make a vehicle that is some what universal designed for the most common uses and for a wide variety of drivers. The set up of a stock vehicle may not be up to the standards your driving needs require. Take things into your own hands and tune your vehicle to the requirements you want. Increase power where you need it! Off the start line or get deep torque for pulling huge loads.

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Finally, adding an air intake Over the course of the life of your car, the engine will begin to run hot. When this happens, your engine block can crack. Adding cold air to the engine can extend the life of the engine block and other engine components. Faster Throttle – When you are stopped at a light or stop sign or taking a trip up a hill, you need more power to get going. In a stock air system, you send warm air into the combustion chamber. Doing this make the vehicle response time slower than it could be from the engine. A cold air intake system, however, sends cool air into the combustion chamber. The cooler air allows your engine to respond faster than the stock system. More Horsepower – Cooler air is more conducive to burning fuel. With the stock system in your car, you are burning warm air. When you add the cool air intake system, you will notice that your vehicle has increased power when you press on the gas pedal.

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Increased Gas Mileage

Warm air is less dense than cool, which means the ratio of fuel to air is not as good as it could be. When you add a cold air intake system, you are creating a better gas to fuel ratio in the fuel line. This means that your mileage will increase as the mixture is burned more efficiently.

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The value of adding a performance chip, air intake or truck exhaust to pickup truck is immense and can save you a lot of money going forward. They all ultimately increase horse power and engine torque and some can increase fuel economy. Check out these other resources for information as well: air intake, performance chip and cat back exhaust.